Oversized Oxford Shirts

In yet another clothes post, I want to write about why I like slightly oversized, untucked, button down, oxford  shirts. Almost two years ago, I streamlined my wardrobe to just a few essentials; if you will, a uniform. The main component of my uniform is a black or charcoal colored oxford shirt. I get slim fit oxfords, but they are one size larger than what I should wear. I wear them a little loose because it reminds me of when I was in grade school art class.

At one particular school, the students were required to wear one of their dad’s castoff dress shirts as art smocks. I always liked the feel of my dad’s old shirt covering my school uniform, protecting my school clothes from paint or whatever. I never really forgot that feeling of comfort. As I grew older and entered into the 80s, everything was oversized. So wearing penny loafers, ripped jeans, Ray-Bans, and billowing oversized oxford shirts was the norm for almost a decade.

There is a song by Spoon named “Fitted Shirt.” The song really hits home and reminds me of those art classes when I wore my dad’s old oxford work shirt as a smock. Now that I’m older, I wear oversized fitted oxfords every work day—mostly because it gives me room to move, but also because it reminds me of those grade school art classes and being a kid in the 70s and early 80s.