Socks and Sandals

Much to my wife’s chagrin, I wear socks and sandals and have done so for decades. This particular wardrobe choice, for me, is based more on comfort and practicality than anything else. I like socks with sandals because the socks keep my feet warm while still allowing my feet to breathe. Also, socks with my sandals keep my sandals from becoming smelly from foot sweat—giving a bit more longevity to my sandals.

I’ve noticed over the past thirty years that socks and sandals seem to go in and out of vogue with some regularity. The practice seems to be a mainstay on college campuses; and since I am an adjunct at a university, I think the casual foot fashion is both apropos and almost expected given my position and age.

I don’t do the whole tall socks and Birkenstocks pairing though. I wear low cut black athletic socks and black Keen hiking sandals. My combination of socks and Keen sandals  look like shoes at first glance or from a distance; but upon closer inspection, one can certainly see the socks showing through.

I know that socks and sandals aren’t very aesthetically appealing, but it is practical and comfortable. Isn’t that more important than kowtowing to societal fashion demands? If socks and sandals are wrong, I don’t ever want to be right.