100 Days of Yoga and Meditation

I’ve crossed the century mark of consecutive days of yoga and meditation. A little more than three months ago, I decided to see how may continuous days of yoga and meditation practice I could amass. It was initially difficult to get my daily practices in. I don’t go to a formal yoga class, I’ve been using the Yoga Studio app; mostly because of convenience. It was initially hard to get up earlier in the morning to get in a 30-60 minute yoga session and the subsequent 3-10 minutes of guided meditation using the “Stop Breathe & Think” app. Motivation wasn’t an issue, just physically rolling out of bed earlier in the morning and hitting the yoga mat was the real challenge. Now, over 100 days in, it has become a habit. The biggest thing I’ve learned is just how much diet and sleep impact my body. Lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, and/or poor diet choices definitely impact how I feel on the yoga mat the next day. I’ve crossed the century mark a couple times over the years, but my new goal is to see just how long I can keep this up. Maybe I can get to a full year? I dunno, but I do know that I’ve started to eat better, get more sleep, and look forward to each morning’s practice. I’ll check in again when I cross day 200 or if the streak falls apart.