Long Time Away, Update

Okay, so last post I wrote about yoga, wanting more sleep, an upcoming trip, and starting guitar. Yoga is going well, though I didn’t really get through my streak. I’ve been practicing yoga about five times a week (Monday through Friday) and trying to get in a lift and a row session on weekends to kind of round out my fitness regimen. As for sleep, I’m doing my best to get more of it and focusing on quality as well. My trip to Guatemala went pretty well. I saw a lot of interesting things that you can check out here and here.

Guitar has been progressing. I’ve continued with my studies and finished an introductory guitar certificate program through Coursera/Berklee College of Music. I’m taking another certificate course, music theory, through Coursera/University of Edinburgh. It’s a little tougher, but I’m working through it. I also meet with my private tutor once a week for thirty minutes to keep me focused and moving forward. And of course, there is daily practice, practice, practice.

On the teaching front, I decided to teach an introduction to programming course this summer. It is entirely online through Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University. We’re into our fourth week and it seems to be going swimmingly. We’re using the Eloquent Javascript book as a primer and the Code Wars site for extra weekly challenges. We still have eight weeks to go, including a midterm and final. So fingers crossed for both me and the students that we finish strongly.

Amy hooked me up with an Oculus Quest. I’d never done any VR before, so this was very interesting. When I first put it on, I truly thought I was in the movie Ready Player One. It is super cool. So far, I’ve only done the introduction and a Tai Chi app that I purchased through the Oculus store. I want to get into gaming, but the games are kinda expensive and I need to check them out before purchasing stuff. In all, it is a very cool and easy platform.

Lastly, I’m planning on a long road trip from the east coat to the Seattle area at the end of the month. I’ll probably take the new puppy, Pepe, and just kinda meander along the way until I get to my destination. Then, after a couple days, I’ll meander back another route to see more stuff. In all, it will probably be about six thousand or so miles. I think this is something like the route I’m going to take, but I’m not sure. I’d like to hike each day in a different park with the dog. Nothing too strenuous, just 3-5 miles each day. I’ve got two weeks off, so time isn’t really an issue. I even bought a little Martin travel guitar so I can keep up with my music practice in the evenings.

That’s about I have for updates. I don’t even know if anyone reads these things, but I’ll keep posting sporadic updates nonetheless.