Where in the World has Tony Been?

United States Map

Here is a map displaying where I’ve traveled within the United States. Visited states are dark, darker states are places where I have motorcycled. I still have a number of places to visit. I hope to get to the unhighlighted states and get more motorcycle seat time sometime in the future, though I have no immediate plans for US travel.

Total: 35 states

United States Placeholder
United States

World Map

This map shows places I’ve visited around the world. Unfortunately, some of the areas are really small and might not show as highlighted on the map. I’ve highlighted my travel plans for 2017. Being near 50 years old, one would think that I would have more visited countries under my belt. I aim to fix that moving forward.

Total: 14 countries, 1 planned for 2017

World Map Placeholder
World Map