Where in the World has Tony Been?

United States Map

Here is a map displaying where I’ve traveled within the United States. Visited states are gray, darker states are places where I have motorcycled. I still have a number of places to visit. I hope to get to the unhighlighted states and get more motorcycle seat time sometime in the future, though I have no immediate plans for US travel.

United States Placeholder
United States

Total: 35 states

World Map

This map shows places I’ve visited around the world. Unfortunately, a couple of the areas are really small and might not show on the map. Being near 50 years old, one would think that I would have more visited countries under my belt. I aim to fix that moving forward.

World Map Placeholder
World Map

Total: 15 countries (Belize, Canada, Cayman Islands, Colombia, France, Honduras, Japan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Moldova, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand, United States)