G-Shock It to Me

⌚ I’ve Added a G-Shock to My Watch Collection

G-Shock GWM5610-1

I’ve been wanting to add a G-Shock to my watch collection for some time. It’s incredibly difficult to pick just one, mostly because there are so many models with overlapping features and interesting designs. When I was a young Marine, sometime around 1991 or so, I found a G-Shock watch when out in the field one night. Some other Marine probably lost it in the dark and I subsequently found it. There was no telling who it belonged to and when it had been lost, because there were a lot of units in the field and it had been a month-long exercise. So I put it in my cargo pocket and didn’t think about it until I got back to garrison. It was probably something like a largish DW-5900, a round headed watch with three dial design.

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The American Flag and National Anthem

American flag

One of the saddest memories I have after getting out of the service is when I went to a sporting event or something similar and I could only silently stand at attention and place my hand over my heart when the national anthem was performed. For my six years in the Marines, when colors sounded or the national anthem was performed, I stood at attention and saluted.

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Two Flower Arrangements in One Week


I sent flowers twice this week. The first bouquet was to my wife who was on her way to England for work. They were delivered to her hotel near London Bridge. I was thinking that it would make her happy to see cheerful flowers in her room upon her arrival. It was surprisingly easy to arrange.

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