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2018 New Year’s Resolution

Getting Rid of Apple Stuff, One Piece at a Time

I don’t really need new year’s resolutions, mostly because I’m not lacking in the motivation department. I’m kinda close to being perpetually motivated for anything that helps make me a better person or gets me started on something that needs to be done. This doesn’t mean that I don’t keep lists of things I want to do or accomplish though. I’m always thinking of ways to improve myself or things in my sphere. It’s just finding the right time or money to get started…

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Watches Make the Man

Amy Hooked Me Up with a New Watch This Christmas

my wristwatch collection

My watch collection (left to right): (top) Ole Mathiesen,  Citizen BJ7010-16F (Asia), G-Shock GWM5610, Seiko Prospex “Samurai,” (Bottom)Victorinox Swiss Army 1884 Officer’s Automatic, Victorinox Swiss Army INOX, Ronin Rotomatic MKIIJunkers 6060-5 Bauhaus

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I Wonder What My Mailman Thinks of my Mail

Today our mail arrived and I was sorting through the junk and the legitimate items that wouldn’t get thrown away. As I sorted through the mail, I took an informal inventory of the kept items…

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