Soylent Flavors

I’ve been a Soylent customer for over two years now. I started sometime in the fall of 2014. Recently they released two new flavors: nectar and cacao. This prompted me to write a write a short review of the new flavors and my experience to-date with the product.

First, I’ll start off with my use. For the most part, I use all of their products except for Coffiest and their food bar. I’m not a fan of coffee in general, so Coffiest isn’t appealing to me at all. The company accidentally sent me a case of the coffee drink a while back, so I still have a little left in the fridge after almost two months. My only thoughts on the coffee drink is that if you like coffee and want a meal replacement, you should try Coffiest. I’ve mostly been using their powdered form of the meal replacement and the “original flavor” bottled drink. I find that the drink tastes a bit like semi-sweet milky pancake batter. I add a tiny bit of dark chocolate syrup to the bottles to make it taste better. As for the powder, I mix it up and then blend it with other stuff for healthy meals. Here is a video I posted to Instagram showing ingredients I frequently add to the powdered version.

I typically have Soylent twice a day. I try not to replace two meals back-to-back with bottles, unless really busy; mostly because I don’t feel sated replacing two meals in a row with a liquid. I find that replacing breakfast and dinner works the best for me if having the bottled drink. Or having a doctored Soylent shake for breakfast and a bottle for lunch. My third meal is comprised of “normal” food. Also, I snack during the day on nuts, popcorn, or something protein-rich—like beef jerky, canned tuna, and/or pork rinds. I lift and workout a lot, so I feel as though I need more daily protein than what’s in Soylent.

Now for the new flavor information. I knew they were going to come out with new flavors as soon as I saw that one of my recent bottle shipments was labeled as “original.” When the new flavors were released, I ordered a few cases almost immediately.  After trying both the new flavors, here are my initial thoughts… The “nectar” version tastes very strange, not a bad strange, but strange nonetheless. It sort of tastes like some kind of vaguely familiar but unidentifiable fruit. It isn’t unpleasant tasting, but I could see how it might not be for everyone. The “cacao” version tastes a lot like chocolate Ovaltine—which is a little ironic because it was the original meal replacement drink invented in 1904. Since the Soylent folks have started releasing flavors, I’ll probably stop purchasing the “original” flavor version altogether and only get nectar and cacao from here on out. I’ll also continue to buy the powdered version for breakfast shakes concoctions of my own design.

If you haven’t tried Soylent yet, you should give it a try. By the way, it isn’t made of people. At least, I don’t think it is. 😜