This is just a short note, but I’ve updated my WordPress site to use the new Twenty Seventeen theme. I was using a heavily customized version of the Hemingway theme previous to the change, but I liked the look of the pre-release versions of Twenty Seventeen a lot and decided to switch when officially released a couple days ago.

To be very honest, I like Twenty Seventeen almost as much as Twenty Twelve. I’m a huge fan of Twenty Twelve. I find it to be very customizeable and I think it was WordPress’ first official responsive theme. I used Twenty Twelve off and on for a very long time, mostly because of its minimalism and the ease of customization. I’ve started to customize Twenty Seventeen and find it fairly easy to tailor, especially with some some of the under-the-hood changes in WordPress 4.7. Two very cool things about 4.7 are the ease of entering custom CSS and creating menus.

That’s about all I have to say about Twenty Seventeen and 4.7. You may wonder why a front end web developer would use WordPress or a CMS at all… The answer is simple. I don’t like to fuck about with my own website much and would rather spend time learning new stuff. 😋

Update (1/19/2017): I’ve, again, switched to the Twenty Twelve theme. I’ve always liked the simplicity of this theme and find it has all I really need: lots of white space, easily customizable, and responsive. I’m gonna stick with this for a while.