Very recently I wrote a blog post about my interest in inexpensive minimal American wristwatches. I had stated that I ordered a Breda watch and was going to follow up with my opinion of the timepiece. As I wrote earlier, Breda is located in Texas, specifically in the hipster Deep Ellum district of Dallas. I had an old girlfriend that lived in the district when it was in its early 90s “glory days,” but that is another story.

I ordered the silver/navy Slate. The sale price was under $50, so it wasn’t much of a risk purchasing the watch and possibly regretting my purchase. Currently, the watch is still on sale at $64, its normal retail price being $80. After the watch arrived, I immediately bought a cheap black strap to replace the navy colored one that came with the watch. I don’t wear a lot of navy, so a black strap is much more desireable, but the watch doesn’t come in a silver/black combination. Here are the current case/strap combos…

  • Gold/Black
  • Gunmetal/Brown
  • Silver/Navy
  • Black/Navy
  • Gunmetal/Gray
  • Black/Beige

The combination I purchased was as close to what I wanted, knowing that I would probably purchase a black leather strap at a later time. The first couple of things I noticed when unpacking it, besides not liking the navy strap, was that the watch face doesn’t have a… “simple white dial.” It is more off-white or a light cream color than white. It is really hard to see in the picture, but it isn’t white. Also, the watch head at 41mm seems largish because the case is so minimal. As I wrote in my previous blog post, I’m going to be sticking to watches that are in the neighborhood of 38-40mm.

My second impression of the watch is that it is very light—almost substandardly so. I can’t really explain it very well; but if I had paid full price for the watch, I would have been disappointed by the cheap heft and feel of the timepiece. It reminds me of the inexpensive watches on carousels in the drugstores of my youth. I probably should have purchased their Rand model. It comes in silver/black and seems, from the pictures, …heftier. The only problem with the Rand is that it has a 43mm case, definitely out of my size range preference.

I really don’t know exactly what I was expecting when I placed my order, but I was a bit disappointed overall. I was excited to purchase a watch from an American design company and I really wanted a simple, minimal, and no-frills wristwatch. I got exactly that, but I didn’t care for the strap color, the face color, the size, and feel of the Slate. I’ll still wear it as my everyday watch for a while, but I’ll certainly be eyeing up another relatively inexpensive American watch sometime in the future. Maybe I’ll look at one of the MVMT or Shinola or Tsovet watches, but I’ll be spending 2-5X as much. Or maybe I’ll give the Timex Fairfield a try, though I have an aversion to the Indiglo light and the company isn’t American any longer. It is owned by a Dutch conglomerate.