Okay, now I have the traveling bug. I know I just got back from Kyrgyzstan this month, but I have already started planning my next adventure. I decided on going to Moldova with Amy in April. It’s another off the beaten path place to visit. I’ve already booked my travel and rented an apartment for the week we’re there. Moldova is like Kyrgyzstan in the sense that it is a former Soviet country. I picked it because it is near the Black Sea and it is in far eastern Europe. I always hear Americans going to the same places when traveling. I want to see different places that are infrequently visited by my countrymen. Amy is learning Russian in preparation for the trip, but I’m looking forward to not speaking the language, avoiding banal conversations, and just messing about when there. I’ll probably go on two guided trips while there, but won’t overly plan a lot of tourist-y stuff.

I’m still doing a lot of research, but we most likely won’t rent a car while there. I’ve read conflicting accounts of driving in Chișinău, where we’ll be staying. One place I do plan on visiting is the Orheiul Vechi Monastery Complex about 60 km from Chișinău. It seems super interesting and is one of their main destinations of historical interest. Moldova is also known for their wine, and Amy likes wine, so we’ll probably take some kind of wine tour as well. Mostly I just want to walk all over the city and see how folks live. I’m pretty excited about the trip and am looking forward to staying in the city, eating their food, checking out their cultural centers, and just getting a feel for country. I rented the apartment through AirBnB. It seems nice and modern. I originally was going to make the trip alone, but had decided against renting a room. I wanted an apartment with a little more privacy and freedom. Once I gave the details of the trip to Amy, she wanted to go as well. She bought her ticket and everything has worked out perfectly so far.

I’m already starting to think about the trip after Moldova. I’m thinking South America or Africa. I really do have the travel bug. I want to go everywhere. 🙂