I know this will come off as dull or banal or whatever, but fall is my favorite time of year. There is something awesome about the fall, mostly centered on the weather and the changing color of the tree leaves. Being a motorcycle rider, fall signals the beginning of the end of the calendar year’s riding season and it can be a little dangerous with wet leaves being a hazard. That being said, I like the weather and the colors. Mornings are usually chilly and the afternoons aren’t unbearably hot, like the summer months. One can start wearing sweaters, jackets, and hoodies when out and about. Motorcycle rides are fun because the heat from the engine isn’t coupled with the blistering summer sun. The heat from the engine is almost welcome on particularly chilly mornings and evenings.

My motorcycle season usually runs year round. Last year I had a couple of rides in both December and January, though most of the winter months are spent detailing my ride in the garage and not actually in the saddle. February and March are usually very wet; so with the cold and the wet, there isn’t much road time from December through March.

One of the cool things about the Fall in the northeast is the changing tree colors up in New England. Depending upon a few conditions, mostly water, the trees really begin their change in the month of October. I’ve never been able to make it to New England at quite the right time to catch the leaves at their most vivid. Most of my trips to Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire have always hit either too early or too late. I have a trip coming up to central Asia, but I’ll be back in the Philly area around the 9th; so I might be able to get in an impromptu trip to New England this year before it gets too late.