Today is my one year anniversary at Ellucian.  If you look at my online resume, you’ll see that I was at the University of Pennsylvania for just shy of fifteen years and left in early 2015 for the Franklin Institute. The Franklin Institute (FI) really wasn’t a good fit for me, for a number of reasons that center on the culture of the department I was working in. I left after eight months at FI and started working at Ellucian in their research and development department.

I’ve learned a lot since starting here: analytics and pattern data, javascript stack web development, and a different take on scrum. I’d had extensive training and had been working in a scrum environment for a number of years while at Penn, but it was interesting to see how it was being utilized at Ellucian. Digressing, when interviewing before leaving Penn and when I was ready to leave FI, I talked with a number of companies about their interpretation of scrum and how they were doing it—all of this during job interviews. It seemed that every place I interviewed had a different take on scrum/agile or they didn’t use agile methodologies at all, sticking to waterfall development. After a while I started to refer to scrum/agile jokingly as “Scrum Fall” and how it should be the theme of the next James Bond movie. 😛

I’m very happy about hitting my one year mark at work. It’s not just about being here for a year though, it’s also about having a job. I’m thankful and grateful for having a job. I’ve read a lot about folks who are struggling to find work, have been laid off, and/or have been out of the job market for a long time and have given up finding a new one. I’ve been blessed with full employment since leaving my parent’s house when I was 19, that was in 1988. I haven’t always liked my jobs, but I was always grateful that I had one.

I look forward to the coming year at Ellucian and learning even more and working hard.