Getting Rid of Apple Stuff, One Piece at a Time

I don’t really need new year’s resolutions, mostly because I’m not lacking in the motivation department. I’m kinda close to being perpetually motivated for anything that helps make me a better person or gets me started on something that needs to be done. This doesn’t mean that I don’t keep lists of things I want to do or accomplish though. I’m always thinking of ways to improve myself or things in my sphere. It’s just finding the right time or money to get started…

One thing that I’d really like to do this year is get rid of most of the Apple products in my life. I find their products to be overpriced and, since Steve Jobs passed away, buggy as shit. I’ve already gotten rid of my iPad and iPhone. I replaced my iPhone with an Android Essential Phone and have been very happy with the switch. I used my iPad mostly with the Kindle app, so Amy hooked me up with an actual Kindle device for reading digital books from Amazon.

The biggest thorn in my side right now is my AppleTV; the reason being… I have to reboot it daily in order for 4K to work properly. It’s brand new, I have the proper HDMI cables, and our TV is brand new and pretty high end. So it should just fucking work!  Grrr. We probably won’t be able to switch though, because Amy and I have most of our digital content in the Apple Store cloud-universe-thingy. We’re probably going to be stuck with AppleTV for the rest of our lives and will never be able to leave the platform. 😕

Another place where I’m using an Apple toy is for computing at work and home. I fucking hate Windows; so switching to Microsoft is not even a remote possibility. Since I don’t do graphic or web design since switching to programming a few years ago, I could switch to Linux without much fuss. I’ve been eyeing a few laptops and Linux distros, trying to decide what would be the perfect laptop/operating system combination for quite a while now. I’ll probably go with Ubuntu, mostly because it’s been around a good long time and it’s well tested. As for hardware, I really don’t know. I want sleek, skinny, and shiny; but that combination of adjectives costs lots of money. So I might have to wait until next year for a home computing change. At work, I might have to stick with Apple as well. I don’t think my company has a Linux option and I won’t go over to Windows under any circumstances.

The only other place where I can change up is in my wireless router. I’m using an old Airport Extreme that is getting long in the tooth. It’ll probably take the dirt nap this year and I’ll most likely replace it with some kind of wireless mesh apparatus, like the Google Wifi or something like that.

Why am I making all of these changes away from Apple, other than the “buggy” issues stated above? Yes, the main reason is that I find the products to be buggy, but another reason is because Apple just plain sucks. They suck because they intentionally slow down equipment without telling anyone about it, under the guise of doing users a favor. They are also too political for my taste and are hypocrites when it comes to China. And now, Apple is turning over Chinese users’ cloud data to a local Chinese company, probably so the Chinese government can have access to all the users’ stuff. Apple is so full of shit. They talk all SJW, but when it comes to China, they fold like a cheap suit. 😖

I’m done with Apple.