Today our mail arrived and I was sorting through the junk and the legitimate items that wouldn’t get thrown away. As I sorted through the mail, I took an informal inventory of the kept items…

  1. Playboy magazine (I get it for the articles. 😏)
  2. Wired magazine
  3. Innocence Project annual report
  4. and a Christmas card

We’ve had the same mailman, Phil, since we moved to the neighborhood in 2006. He delivers everything. He probably knows by osmosis who we are, who we owe, names of friends and family, political affiliation, and what we’re about. I belong to and had some kind of relationship with the NRA, GOP

Do mail people get a kick out of people’s stuff? Do they even notice? I know a little about my mailman… kids, second job, years on the job…  just little stuff like that. I know he knows way more about me than I about him.

We’ll continue to make small talk during mail exchange until one of us moves on. Once we no longer see each other, I’ll probably forget about him entirely and he’ll forget about us.