Rogue Fitness Fatbell

Today was my first workout with my new Rogue Fitness Fatbell. I must say, my initial impression is that it is awesome. I became aware of fatbells when former Recon Marine and iron man Rudy Reyes started posting about them on Instagram. I think he is a spokesperson for Sorinex’s version of fatbell’s called Center Mass Bells (probably for trademark/legal reasons).

I only purchased one, 53-pound, fatbell (for $85); so my first workout consisted of single-arm alternating bench presses (chest),  bent over rows (back), goblet squats (legs), upright rope rows (shoulders), and hammer rope curls (arms). The “rope” I used was a repurposed Rogue Fitness stump strap that I slipped through the bell’s handle in the middle in order to give me a two hand grip.

This morning’s workout consisted of three circuits of each exercise sequence and then I added in ab work in the end. Since I only purchased one 53-pound fatbell, the workout was essentially a single-weight total body circuit workout. Using just a single weight allowed me to transition between all of the movements much quicker than if I had been using my Powerblock Adjustable dumbbells and variable weights per exercise. So it was a relatively quick and strenuous workout that hit all of my major muscle groups.

My only regret is that the Rogue Fitness version is only open on one side; the bottom is flat, but closed off. So it is mostly a one-handed device. The Sorinex version is open on both sides and can be used for two-handed swings.

Side note: it would be great is if Powerblock came out with something similar that’s adjustable.

TL;DR: I am very pleased with my Rogue Fitness 53-pound “fatbell.” It is truly a great addition to my home gym and I can see using this quite a bit moving forward. It comes in various weights and sizes. I truly love it.

Update: I wound up purchasing the 62-lbs version fatbell a couple months after posting this. I guess I got stronger.