Going Home Always Feels Good, But the Road Beckons

Cartagena Coast

It’s my last night in Cartagena.  I’ve spent the last week mostly in and around the city, though I did go 75 miles north Barranquilla and roughly 115 miles south to Sampués during my stay. It has been a very good trip. I was able to visit with an old Marine buddy of mine and his wife and take in a lot of the sights and sounds of this part of Colombia.

Tomorrow I head home to Amy and back to my life. It’ll be good to get back, but I’ll really miss Colombia. There is a lot more to discover here and I’ve only scratched the surface with this visit. Thinking abstractly about future travel, I already feel the pull of my next adventure. I’m not sure where my next trip will land me, but all travel will have to wait until the new year because I’m running out of vacation days. 😖

I have a lot to write about Colombia and travel in general, but I’ll save it for another blog post. I will write this though… my happiest time, when traveling, is when I’m discovering how the locals live. I don’t care about resorts, popular vacation spots, and cruises. I want to know how the normal folks in far off lands go about their day, earn a living, and a bit about their politics and history. That makes me happy and leaves me fulfilled.