Today is my second anniversary working at Ellucian. I was hired at Ellucian as a front end developer in 2015, but earned a title change to full stack developer at the beginning of this year. I’ve learned a lot since my last blog post about my job. Most of what I’ve learned is centered around javascript stack development and PostgreSQL.

As some of you may know I recently finished my Treehouse full stack javascript certificate, but the cool thing is that Ellucian reimbursed me for all of my training—approximately $1600. Almost everything I learned in the training was rapidly applied to my work tasks. So none of the training was superfluous; as I acquired new knowledge and absorbed the material presented, I quickly found a way to transfer that new know-how to my projects at work.

Right now Ellucian is having me earn AWS certification so I can help out a bit more with dev-ops and the dev-to-prod workflow. Since starting in this field back in the 90s, I often told myself that I would only stay at a job as long as I was learning new things and growing professionally. Luckily, my job is allowing me to learn and grow as my responsibilities shift. On my one year anniversary I wrote…

It’s not just about being here for a year though, it’s also about having a job. I’m thankful and grateful for having a job.

It has been a productive year, I look forward to the future, and I’m still thankful and grateful for having a job.