Quick 7 Minute Workout

My youngest brother recently had a heart attack and was subsequently diagnosed with diabetes. I gave him a number of suggestions for eating better, dieting, meditating, and getting into shape. He doesn’t exercise and his job is very stressful. I wanted to text him a simple workout that he could do in the privacy of his own home, that would take no longer than seven minutes or so, didn’t require any equipment, and could be appended to a walking regime. I was googling “prisoner workout” and came back with a number of articles, including this one from the Art of Manliness. The problem with bodyweight workouts is that they can be a bit much. He’s out of shape and can only do a few very basic exercises. Then I ran across this pyramid circuit somewhere…

1 circuit = beginner, 2 = intermediate, 4 = advanced

Depending on one’s fitness level, it only takes a few minutes to get through one circuit. So for the normal person with some level of fitness, a couple circuits can be used as a quick seven minute workout. The seven minute workout is very popular right now and it seems to work. On my “off days” from working out, I do a couple of circuits to get the blood pumping before taking a shower and heading off to work. This workout would also be really good when travelling and a gym isn’t available. Maybe you’ll find this simple and quick regime helpful.