I’m going to start blogging again. Over the years, I’ve made several attempts at regularly writing. All of them have gone on for various lengths of time. One year, two years, three… all of the lengths are greater than a year or so. My blogging coverage has run the gamut of topics—politics, technology, photography, web development, motorcycles, etc. I think I’m going to try and keep the topic specific to things that make me happy and feel good. When I was blogging about politics, it made me incredibly frustrated at the end of the day; much like one feels when people post too much about politics on Facebook. I’ve tried to kill my Facebook at least three times, but that is another story I’ll save for later. For now, I’ll try this happiness blog concept on for size and see where it goes. I got really bored or aggravated by some of my previous blog topics; so maybe happiness will have a longer and more fruitful run.

Today was a good day. Mostly because I was able to help one of my former students. She wrote to me asking about a specific technical question a potential employer had asked in some kind of screening survey. I replied back with an explanation, examples, and how I would answer the question. Many of the links I provided could be used to become better educated on the subject touched on by the question. This particular student is a real go-getter from what I remember. So I think my links and notes will be helpful. Fingers crossed…

It felt really good to help someone try to get the job they desire. Over the years, especially when I was teaching and even after I stopped teaching last year, I’ve filled out countless surveys and written a number of references for students and former co-workers. Every time I fill out one of the forms and/or write a letter of recommendation, I feel as though I’m doing something really good and helpful for the specific someone, their significant other, and their family. It makes me really happy to do stuff like this kind of stuff. Sometimes I think I should work in the recruiter/human resources field. I love finding people jobs and helping them to land jobs. I don’t know any recruiters, but it has to be a rewarding profession. But I’m sure I’m only thinking about the sunny side of the profession. I’m sure it’s work, like everything else—with its ups and downs.

So helping a former student made today a good day. How’s that for a reboot of my blogging?!